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Total Body Strength Band Workout

Like many of us impacted by the pandemic, working out in a confined space where people are huffing and puffing doesn’t sound appealing. Stay in. Stay safe. Stay active. All at the same time with this total body pull up band workout. All you need is a set of bands. A door stop and handles will come in handy if you have access to those. If you don’t currently own a set and are interested in buying one. Check out this set from Odoland from Amazon. I like it because it comes with a complete set of bands and accessories.


Band front squats (1:00)

Front squats are a great exercise that activates your glutes and quads. Flexibility can greatly affect this exercise, so please stretch before this workout. Also, please stretch daily :)

Band step back lunges with bicep curls (1:34)

I always like efficiency when it comes to exercises. Get quads, glutes, and biceps all in one exercise.

Band lateral lunges with front raises (2:29)

Great exercises for your gluteus minimus. This one can be complex if you’re fairly new to the exercise. Be sure to watch the video closely in regards to the knees and hips. For the front raises, be sure to keep your wrist straight, just grip the band just enough to where it doesn’t slip out of your fingers. Do not death grip it.

Band push ups (3:23)

As if push ups aren't hard enough. You can use different bands to change the difficulty.

Band chest fly (3:54)

I like this exercise because it engages the entire pectoral muscle with a single movement. Just be sure at the end to focus squeezing your pectoral muscles together.

**Modification included if you do not have a door stop. (5:14)

Band triceps extensions (5:57)

It’s very important to activate your core for this exercise. Slightly push your hips back, then engage and tighten your core and upper arm so the only thing that moves are your forearms.

**Modification included if you do not have a door stop. (6:38)

Band seated row (7:11)

With the exercise you can change your grip from an overhand to underhand to neutral grip to engage different areas of your back. Just be sure to keep your back straight. Sometimes it helps if you keep your knees soft and hold that position by engaging your quads.

Another great exercise if a seated lat pull-down. You can anchor the band with the door stop.

Band lateral pull (7:57)

Back exercises are my favorite as they’re essential to help maintain proper posture. This exercise targets the upper back and rear deltoid.

Band bicep curls (8:35)

You most likely already know what to do. But here’s a few tips to make your bicep curls more effective. Soften your knees and engage your core to hold your position steady. Keep your chest up and shoulder broad. Don’t let your elbows come inward and touch your body. Engage your core as your curl up and slowly let it down. Don’t swing. Steady and controlled is the game.

Band chest push (9:23)

This exercise engages your obliques. Just like many of the other exercises noted above, keep your knees soft and engage your core. Make sure to do both sides.

It’s important as we go through each and every exercise with intention. Focus on the muscle group you're working on. Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, this total body routine is perfect.

Do this 3 to 4 times a week.

Do this 3-4 sets each time and keep your reps between 10-15.

You want at least the last two reps to be a challenge where it requires your focus and attention.

Whatever your goals may be. Staying consistent is the key.

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