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5 Dynamic push ups that's challenging and fun!

The Push-up.

Is there another exercise more well known and performed than a push up? At least I can't think of one. If you're working out at home, you're probably doing a lot of push ups. A lot.. Let's make it more fun shall we. Check out these five dynamic push ups that's not only challenging, but fun to do.

#1 Slow Descending Push ups

Why this is added to this list marks just how important the quality of your movement is. Your form is not only to be able to do an exercise correctly, but also to prevent injuries and work on the proper muscle groups the exercise is intended for. By slowly lowering your body, try to identify that you're actively engaging your pectoral muscles. Setting the foundation properly will help you build towards doing fun and challenging exercises while minimizing your risk of injury.

#2 Push ups with Spiderman crunches

Those obliques. Yes it's there. Obliques are like the middle child, commonly lack attention. This exercise is great to help you with coordination of your upper and lower body. Also activates your glutes and quads.

#3 Push ups with plank twist toe tap

If there's one push up that'll work the entire body is this one. It applies your calves, glutes, quads, abs, obliques, chest, and shoulders. Just do it.

#4 Push ups with pike

The part to pay attention to is slowly lowering the hips to ensure your core is under constant tension. Not only does this push ups work your shoulders and abs, but also your flexibility. Stretching is just not to prevent injuries. Being more limber allows you to do fun exercises.

#5 Push ups with single arm fall out

This is personally one of my favorite push ups, because it's really challenging on your abs. Stop reading this, go try it. If it looks intimidating, try it first in a modified form on your knees.

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