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Vita Cors
Training programs

Training programs are personalized toward your specific needs in areas such as strength, endurance, balance, coordination, mobility, and more.

holistic health
& Wellness

Whether your goal is to improve your quality of life, lose body fat, building strength foundation, make everyday life easier, or just to have fun workouts that continuously varies, we're here to design the programs right for you.


heart health

Strength is one of the foundations aspect of our health and wellness. Our programs are designed for everyone. Those who are just starting out or you're a top level athlete looking to improve your craft.

Our heart is a muscle at the center of it all. Literally. Our programs will improve your heart's efficiency leading to an increase of VO2 max to make everyday tasks easier and improvement your athletic performance.

pain reduction /
Injury recovery

Our personalized programs are designed to improve and/or eliminate your source of pain at the shoulders, knees, hips, and ankles. Posture correction and injury prevention.

athletic performance

Personalized programs for athletes are scheduled in phases to help you target specific areas particular in your sport to prepare you for the upcoming season. Our programs is to help you maintain your strengths and improve your weakness.

balance &

Our personalized programs will help improve your balance. That's means both stability and symmetry. Stability to help you keep your center balance to avoid falling, and symmetry to prevent pain. Along with exercises to help your move more freely.



You get your own unique program. 

Whether your goal is to improve your quality of life, make everyday life easier, lose body fat, building strength foundation, or just to have fun workouts that continuously varies, were here to design the program for you.


Whether you're working out in your home with a few dumbbells or at a fully equipped gym, our programs are personalized to what you have access to.


With our app, you have direct contact to us at your fingertips. We're here to support you, answer any questions you may have, and we're here to cheer you on!

Start your personalized wellness journey for 


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