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Stay active while you're on vacation!

Dallas! A wonderful place to relax with its open roads and wide ranges. While we were on this trip, we wanted to make sure we get in plenty of exercise. Dallas isn't place known for active lifestyle or healthy eating. Which meant, planning is key. If you have a commercial gym membership and the city you’re at has your gym, then you’re golden. However, you still need to plan out when you're going to workout so it doesn't get put aside because of other priorities. For those who don’t have a gym membership or the gym to which you have a membership to is not available, then you really must plan ahead. Layne and I didn’t have a gym to go to, so our workout plan contained the specific exercises, day and time that we’re going to workout. Without any gym equipment, we had to get creative with different calisthenics and cardiovascular exercises (running). For those who can’t run, power walk or just walk. Keep in mind, with every mile your body burns roughly 100-120 kcal, that’s whether you run or walk. You may ask why that is, you’d think running will help you burn more calories. Running provide more benefits such as improving your VO2 max, your heart health, and you’ll also finish the mile a lot faster, but in terms of burning more calories, it’s a minimal difference between walking and running.

In the mornings of LA where I wake up to a skyline that’s not blue. It sends chilling thoughts through my mind about what I’m breathing into my body. However, running out in the Texas boonies was a breath of fresh air, no pun intended. Running with Layne is pure joy. I’m very fortunate to have a partner in my life that’ll support me and my goals. Just as I would support Layne and Layne’s goals. I often stress this to my clients how important having emotional support in your life does to help you accomplish your goals. Layne enjoys running more than I do. She motivates me to do things I wouldn’t normally want to do. On one of the days, we went for a 2-mile run through the neighborhood of my Texas home. We took to the main road and as we ran we came across quite a few cows. They didn’t have their “Eat More Chicken” signs, must’ve left that at the barn. As we went further, we came across a dog roaming the road and it seems to be guarding this baby pig that’s grazing in the field and living life. We thought it’s a good idea to avoid any potential unwanted visits to the hospital. So, we turned around and headed back to the house. Running or walking, in my opinion is one of the best things you can do while you’re traveling. Especially if I’m in a new city, it gives me the ability to see the area in more detail than I would if I were driving.

We did a lot if calisthenics. Squats, squat jumps, lunge jumps, push-ups, partner assisted inverted rows, dips, and many different ab exercises including planks, jack knives, toe reaches, leg raises, and ab bicycles. We took minimal rest between each set to maintain our heart rate between 65-75%. Some great tools to add to your workout are resistance bands. They're lightweight and can be easily packed, or the TRX system. Only thing with TRX, you’ll need a tall sturdy anchor to secure it to.

Be creative. There are so many ways to stay active when you’re away from your everyday life. Go swimming if your place of stay has a pool or a beach. Rent a bicycle and explore the area. Go climb some stairs. There’s endless amount of way you can stay active. It all depends on you. Whether you're traveling for pleasure or for business, there's certain level of stress that comes along with it. Exercising not only improves your physical health, but it also improve your mental health.

Planning and creating workout routines specific to your needs and surroundings is one of our areas of focus. Let’s us be your guide. Let’s plan it out.

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