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Dress for Success. At the gym?

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Up until recent years my gym attire was some old t-shirt I’ve probably had since high school, and some random gym shorts in the back of my dresser. My gym attire looks as if I picked it blindfolded out of a Goodwill store. As winter comes to an end and with the arrival of spring, those over-sized sweat stained sweatshirts and pants begin to migrate back to their natural habitat in the back corner of the closet. It’s time for us to visit the local concrete jungle to what we call the mall to purchase some new workout attire. Wait.. it’s 2020.. Online shopping it is!

Jamie in a redtop and blue nike running pants

Why does it matter how we dress? After all, I’m going to the gym to work hard and sweat. Take this as an example, think about how a tailored suit or elegant dress can make a business person ready to take on their day at the office. Or a scientist, when they put on their lab coat to tackle the task of finding a cure to all the many diseases we face. I'm a personal trainer. When I wear my athletic gear, I feel ready and excited to teach my clients and group classes.

fireman standing in front of a building

Your attire is a symbol of your mindset and what you set out to accomplish. Why do superheroes fight crime in tight spandex and a cape? Because it gives them a sense of strength and motivation to take on their foe. Or it could be just because it looks cool. It could be both! What we wear can give us a sense of empowerment, and make us feel good inside and ready to tackle (or lift) what’s ahead (that 135 lbs. barbell). Whether you're just looking to complete your workout today, or you're trying to reach a goal you've been working on for the last year. It's your mental state and mindset that's going to get you there. Your attire can be a huge asset to motivate you to reach your goals.

First thing we need to discuss is your footwear. Proper footwear is of the utmost importance. Having the right footwear for the right task will limit the strain it places on your feet and also allow you to perform at your best. FYI, running shoes are not the best for squatting, just like training shoes are not the best for running. Depending on your fitness level and the type of exercise you're doing, this may or may not apply, but I recommend having two pairs of shoes.

One - Such as the Nike Metcon.

Two. A pair of running shoes, such as Nike Zoom Fly or Brooks Ghost 12

Remember to try different brands to find the best fit your feet. Many stores offer free shipping and free returns, take advantage of that.

Next. Tops, pants, shorts, and tights. Wear bottoms that contour your body. Don’t wear baggy bottoms that may hinder or restrict your movements. Choose some bright colors and styles that’ll brighten your mood. Please be smart about your spending, and don’t break the bank to stay up-to-update with current trends. That’s not what this is about. Go through your closet first, you probably already have workout clothes that bring you a sense of strength and make you feel good. My wife and I love to shop the sales, so just stay in the loop with the brands that you want and keep a tab on when they get marked down! The better the mood you're in when entering the gym or outdoors, the more consistent you’ll be at staying active and on top of your goals. And staying consistent over time is what’s going to help you reach whatever goals you have.

I’ll leave you with this. I heard Deion Sanders say this once, “if you look good, you play good, if you play good, you get paid good.”

Remember you already look good. Your attire is just the cherry on top.

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