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Dallas is home to specialty coffee?! Health benefits of coffee.

You maybe thinking, why are am I talking about coffee. Anything we put into our body affects in one way or another. Coffee in moderate amount have great healthy benefits for the body. Coffee can be traced back to the 15th century. Say what. That's Early Renaissance time. Here are just a few of its health benefits. Coffee can improve your energy levels, improve brain health and function, help you burn fat, and so much more. To learn more about health benefits of coffee, read this article from Healthline. However, it doesn’t mean you can put loads of sugar and cream in your coffee. I would recommend drinking coffee as it is without any additives other than maybe milk. If you must need to sweeten your coffee, especially for those who need to be aware of their glycemic levels, use Stevia. It's a natural sweetner made South American herb called stevia.

Living in LA, specialty coffee seems like it’s just around the corner. But in Dallas, to get to “good” coffee, it’s feels like more of a journey. You’ve seen this in movies all the time, where a family gathers in the early morning ready to embark on a 5-hour road trip. That’s what getting good coffee in Dallas feels like. I grew up in Dallas and coming back home after about 4 years to find a lot has changed and a lot stayed the same. Growing up in Dallas, specialty coffee was not part of our daily dialogue. It’s more like “The best part of waking up, if Folger’s in your cup.” That’s what I grew up with. The moment we landed in Dallas, Layne and I drove to 1418 COFFEE in downtown Plano, TX. Being from Texas, the vibe inside the coffee house suited me. It’s a big open layout like a living room, filled with comfy and cushy couches and chairs. With rustic design and warm interior, it’s makes you feel like balling up in the fetal position and take a nap. It’s was especially nice to get a cup of hot fluid in our bodies as it was an unexpected cold day in Dallas. I tell people often when it comes to weather in Dallas, you can experience all 4 seasons in one week. One day it’s nice and sunny where you’re out wearing a white tee and shorts (jorts if you’re real country.) The next day you’re breaking out your down jacket stored deep into your closet because it’s minus 3 with 40 miles per hour winds. Welcome to Texas y’all!

My usual almond cappuccino
Houndstooth Texas coffee cup.

Our second coffee adventure was a lot more pleasant. It was a nice and sunny day, we are on our way to the Dallas World Aquarium, and we stopped by HOUNDSTOOTH COFFEE. They’re based out of Austin, TX. Layne has been in the specialty coffee industry for years. It’s needless to say, she has a great palate for a tasty cup of joe. I hope I’m not offending anyone who enjoys Folger’s or Maxwell House. Layne was telling me about all the different notes you can taste out of the espresso at Houndstooth. My palate hasn’t had the experience of Layne’s, so it’s harder for me find those notes. She’s educating me as we go. My mom’s house is in Princeton, TX, and it takes about 45 minutes to drive there. On another day, Layne took a second trip out to enjoy another cup of deliciousness. And of course, on our way to the Dallas Love Field airport for our return to LA, it was a must that we stop by for the third time.

Our third spot was at FILTER(ED). It’s not necessarily bad, the espresso wasn’t vibrant and only carried one note. If you’re looking for a mammoth firework display on your palette, this isn’t the place. It was more like a Roman candle that was dead after two shots. But if you’d like a local place where it’s relaxing and you can work, then I would recommend this place. I hope I’m not coming off as a coffee snob, I’m far from that. I only beginning to enjoy the subtleness of good coffee and this is just my two cents.

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