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The BEST at Home Workout Equipment / Perfect for beginners

What’s the criteria for something to be considered the best home workout equipment? I bet if you ask 10 people, you probably get 10 different answers. As a health coach and personal trainer these are my consideration for choosing the best single workout equipment for your home and your home away from home.

#1 It has to fit seamlessly within the confines of my home.

I don’t want a Bowflex taking up a large amount of space, staring at me everyday, making me talk to myself on why I should do some chest presses. I also don’t have a garage that I can deck out into a cool home gym. (That’d be nice.) I want something that I can easily take out when I need it and store when I don't.

#2 It has to help me training in all areas of strength, conditioning, balance, and flexibility.

Ever see someone with a huge torso with really small legs. Don’t be that person. Working on all your major muscle groups such as chest, back, shoulder, abs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and among others are really important to help you build balance and help prevent injuries.

#3 It’s cost efficient.

I like variety in my training. Depending on my training plan, I like to vary it up to challenge myself in different ways. Therefore, I like to accumulate different equipment that allows me to do a wide variety of exercises that incorporate strength, flexibility, conditioning, agility, power, and/or coordination. All those exercise equipment can add up to a costly amount. I want to spend wisely.

#4 It’s gotta go where I go.

I love camping and exploring the outdoors. Waking up in the morning in the mountains of Yosemite, taking in the fresh pine scent, drinking a nice hot cup of coffee (not Folgers), and then strolling through the dense forest admiring the natural beauty before me. I’d want to wake up to that any day. But while I’m not doing that, I like to have a tool for me to keep up with my training plan. Also if I fly somewhere, I don’t normally check in my bags, so it’s gotta fit in my carry on. Do airlines allow you to carry on barbells?

#5 It complements my other exercise equipment.

I want something that complements my other gym equipment. I don’t want multiples of the same thing. Something that’s useful inside and outside the gym.

You’d probably guessed it by now. It’s a Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells! Just kidding. It’s actually a complete set of pull up bands with two handles and an anchor which cost me less than $40 for the whole set!

The number of exercises you can do with these bands along with your body-weight is almost endless. You’ll be able to work your entire body from head to toe. Need an exercise to be more challenging? No problem, just switch it out for a thicker band. If that’s not enough, use multiple bands. And if that’s not enough, buy another set and add those bands. Even with another set, it still cost less than $100. It’s light and can be easily stored for travel. I can also use it at the gym to add another dimension to my deadlifts, squats, chest press, and among a plethora of other uses. If you need help learning pull-ups or muscle-ups, this is a great training tool. This is also a great tool for both beginners and seasoned individuals.

Is this a be-all end-all of all gym equipment? No. This is not going to replace the benefits a barbell would provide or a dumbbell. This is just one of many great exercise equipment that's perfect when you're away from your gym such as the situation we're all in right now with Covid-19. In addition to all the reasons above, this is something that you’ll probably use for your entire life.

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