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vita cors

Holistic health
Strength + Conditioning + Mobility + Flexiblity + Heart Health + Joint Health

Empower your life
Body & Mind

We believe in cultivating an environment of empowerment, support and non-judgement.

We honor a holistic approach to health, which incorporates mental, emotional and physical well being. Our main purpose is to propel you to create your fullest life in a sustainable way.

More than weights
Training should be purposeful. We'll develop a training program that's curated to support your needs in all areas.
create a healthy lifestyle
Sustainable for a lifetime.
improve your Quality of life
Explore, garner new experiences, and improve your quality of life.
Gym space rental
Are you a coach or personal trainer looking for a stunning training space for your clients?

Personal Training

Vita Cors Personal Training is curated to fit your individual needs.

Build your foundation.
Training hard and smart.
Improve your health and fitness in all areas:
strength, endurance, balance, core, and coordination.


Gym Space rental

Are you a coach, personal trainer, or a health professional that need a stunning training facility for your clients?

training programs

Designed and programmed for you.
All easily accessed with our app!

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