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What We're Not Eating Is What's Killing Us

When you fill up on the good stuff, you don't leave room for the bad stuff. I once heard chef Gordon Ramsay say something like this on one of his numerous TV shows. I forgot which one because he has so many. I came across this article that entails how the lack of certain foods in our diet is what's killing us, more so than eating foods with high saturated fat and/or sugary sodas.

Our eating habits (diet) is the predominant risk factor for the cause of death. Just eliminating sugary sodas alone from your diet can result in over 20 lbs of weight loss in just one year. The outer physical change is just what we can see, but the internal benefits of what we can't visually see is way more significant.

Dr. Ashkan Afshin, in a study funded by Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation found that except for salt, which was a key risk factor in most countries, red and processed meats, trans fats and sugary drinks rank toward the BOTTOM of the risk chart for most countries. In fact all global diet-related deaths in 2017 were due to just three risk factors: eating too much salt, not enough whole grains and not enough fruit. Those risks held true regardless of socioeconomic level of most nations. Due to the this research being on a global level, it makes it one of the most comprehensive research ever conducted so far on this subject matter.

It isn't necessarily that people are not eating grains, which low whole grains is the highest risk factor in the US, it can also be that people are eating processed grains with little to zero nutritional value and potentially higher calorie count. We have to carefully read the ingredients list of everything we buy at the grocery story outside of whole foods. Certain process foods may seem healthy, but contain high contents of salt, sugars, and fats.

Eat more of the good stuff and less of the bad.

Here's the article.

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