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We offer group classes for all fitness levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned vet, there's a class for you. 
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group classes are free for all active personal training clients
Personal training

You're unique, so are your fitness goals. With 1-on-1 sessions, all the focus is on you and your goals. We'll tailor a fitness program derived from your specific needs and goals. You'll learn properly movements within each exercise to help you lead an active lifestyle enabling you to live life to the fullest.


VITA CORS’s circuit/bootcamp classes is designed to strengthening your muscles, improve your heart health, improve your conditioning, improve your lean muscle mass and lower your body fat. Motivate one another through this moderate to intense class and build towards a lifestyle of health and wellness.


Foundational movements are vital to achieve your health and wellness goals. Consistency is your golden key to success. Learning and performing exercises correctly and staying injury free will be a key factor in help you stay consistent. This class will have more of a focus on form than speed and/or intensity.

high intensity interval training [hiit]

HIIT training vastly improves your cardiovascular system, raises your metabolic rate in turn increases your caloric expenditure even when you’re not at the gym. Build endurance with efficient use of your time (come at lunch) and energy, great for someone who’s limited on time. HIIT classes will boost your metabolism and push towards your health and wellness goals. Get ready for a challenge!

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